Seiji Matsunaga
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Japanese 松永 政二(まつなが せいじ)
Romaji Matsunaga Seiji
Birth Date 26th February
Age 26(start of the manga)


Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Affiliation JX Television[1]
Family Aoi Matsunaga (Nephew)
Akane Matsunaga (Niece)
Hiroyuki Matsunaga (Father)
Risa Matsunaga (Mother)
Kouichi Matsunaga (Brother)
Misaki Matsunaga (Sister-in-Law) †
Occupation TV Announcer
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 1

Matsunaga Seiji is one of the main characters of the renowned manga Love So Life. He is the uncle of the Matsunaga twins, Aoi Matsunaga and Akane Matsunaga. It is hinted throughout the story that he may have feelings for Shiharu. This is revealed in chapter 87 when he confesses.


Seiji is a very warm and kind person, having taken in- and raised- his brothers children in their father's stead. He has recognized Shiharu Nakamura as part of his family. When at home, Seiji tends to be very exhausted after work, often falling asleep as soon as he arrives.

He can also be very serious and he doesn't really understand children. For example when Mana broke Akane's doll which made Aoi bite Mana, Seiji accidently thought it was Aoi's fault. Also he could never get the kids to do what he wanted them to do, whether it was to go to sleep or to stay away from the television.


Seiji is a tall young man with short, brown spiked hair. He is said to be pretty famous among women because he is handsome and a famous TV reporter. At work, he wears a suit.


Seiji came from a dysfunctional family. He usually came home to an empty house, and had to prepare his meals on his own. His older brother often stayed at friend's houses, and his father was almost always with the woman he was having an affair with and rarely comes home. Seiji's mother worked very late.

Seiji's aspiration to become a news presenter began when he was watching television. He idolised the mature and professional presenter on screen and vowed to be just like him when he was older.

He seems to be the one who saved Shiharu from being kidnapped but he or Shiharu don't seem to remember each other.

Seiji was accepted into college and his brother had just gotten married when their parents got a divorce. Seiji had became a popular TV reporter by the time the twins were born. After receiving an urgent phone call from his brother, Seiji offers to look after the twins temporarily, as their mother had just died. His brother did not return. Although they are a burden, Seiji would rather take care of the twins than have them adopted and most likely separated.



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